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Helpful Websites And Links I Trust and Use With Full Faith

  1. Looking for local assistance offering discounted small business support services?  Visit or call (800) 634-0245.
  2. The is a great resource for finding funding in your specific area of interest, whether you are a startup or existing not for profit organization.
  3. Find out where you can look for grant opportunities and apply to register your organization here at or call the  Contact Center at (800) 518-4726.
  4. Another great blog we stand by is  Here you will find a myriad of questions and answers from people just like you. There is an abundance of raw and real content within this blogs pages and as suggested in the Amazon Kindle eBook, Nonprofit Fundraising and Requests for Proposals.
  5. Visit for transparent nonprofit information and philanthropic data to include nonprofit lists, nonprofit reports, and financial data for nonprofits.
  6. I also use and recommend this ‘7-Step Guide to Results‘ for those who want an easy to follow blueprint for running an effective email list campaign and even generating some money online.  Even if you simply want to grow your businesses reach in the online sphere of influence, then this is the training that will help you (or the person you designate to take on the task) to reach thousands of people daily.