Hi!  My name is Nerissa S. and I’m the lady behind StartingANonprofitBusiness.com.  I graduated with a B.A. in Urban Studies with a focus on Nonprofit Management from Cleveland State University and have worked in community development in the nonprofit sector for many years.

While I have more than one area of expertise, this site is one of my main priorities and everything that I do falls under one umbrella: helping YOU to plan for the important decisions you make in life.

I’m deeply interested in free market enterprise and what it means to build your own “American Dream” through education, career advancement, business, online resources and a thorough understanding of how money ties all of the above together.

Here you will find a few digitally-based guides and courses that I have created that help regular people do the irregular through innovative techniques.  Each guide, FREE document or program outline is a step-by-step tool that couldn’t make the process any easier for even someone with no experience. Through this site I also help small businesses and nonprofits with building a website, starting a blog, setting up fundraising, as well as outlining business plans and commonly used reports. Not only do I help businesses, but I’m also very transparent about how I’m make money online and in other ways, so you can figure out how to do it, too.


Check out this Step-by-Step guide to help make the transition a much simpler one!

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